Trump says comic should be ashamed for severed head video

United States President, Donald Trump has condemned comedian Kathy Griffin's photo shoot with a bloodied Trump mask on Twitter.

Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself.

Prior to her dismissal, Griffin had maintained her hosting gig for a decade, working alongside Anderson Cooper since 2007.

The criticism of the pictures came from across the political lines, with Chelsea Clinton describing them as "vile and wrong".

The shocking photo of Kathy Griffin holding a stoney replica of Donald Trump's head covered in blood, caused controversy on both sides of the political spectrum after it was posted on Tuesday.

Griffin has apologized, conceding that the brief video, which she originally described as an "artsy-fartsy statement" mocking the commander in chief, was "too disturbing" and wasn't amusing. "The image is too disturbing". The shoot with photographer Tyler Shields was later taken down and she issued an apology yesterday for her actions. He said his children, especially his son Barron, is having a hard time. "I ask for your forgiveness". The image is too disturbing.

Late Tuesday Griffin took to Twitter to apologize for the image.

"I sincerely apologise. I'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. It wasn't amusing. I get it", Griffin added in a video posted with the tweet. "The incident in question clearly crosses the line of respect and decency and is not something we support or condone".

The network tweeted Wednesday afternoon that it has terminated its agreement with the comedian. It's obvious that CNN isn't a fan of President Trump as full-fledged cheerleaders of The Resistance, but it's fair to say that this goes too far. I say ridiculous things, I make mistakes constantly. "I made a mistake and I was wrong".

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