United States kills 8 militants in Somalia

United States kills 8 militants in Somalia

United States kills 8 militants in Somalia

The strike was conducted Sunday 2:00 a.m. eastern time around 185 miles from Mogadishu. The Pentagon said the attack was coordinated with "regional partners as a direct response to al-Shabab actions, including recent attacks on Somali forces".

USA forces conducted a strike operation against al-Shabaab in Somalia on Sunday in Mogadishu, Chief Pentagon Spokesperson, Dana White, has said.

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Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi released a statement saying government forces coordinated with the U.S.to launch the strike.

According to Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the United States air strike targeted the al-Shabaab terrorist group.

There was no immediate comment from al Shabaab.

Farmajo described the raid which took place on Sunday near Sakow as "successful strike" and destroyed a key Al-Shabaab command and supply hub.

"For those who have suffered under al-Shabaab, and for the rest of Somalia, I want you to know that we are committed to defeating al-Shabaab and uniting our people".

In March Donald Trump repealed Obama-era restrictions on drone bombings in Somalia.

Six suspected terrorists are being interrogated by detectives to uncover their entire support network both in Kenya and Somalia for further action.

The U.S. military is permitted to conduct airstrikes in these designated combat zones if there is "a reasonable certainty" that no civilians will be hurt. The target must pose a direct threat to Americans. Rather, strikes will be done in consultation with the government of Somalia and the African Union military force in Somalia.

There have not been any reports of U.S. casualties.

We wish to thank the members of the public who continue to support our security forces in the fight against terrorism, he said.

Al-Shabaab has staged a number of attacks in the country, with the goal of establishing Sharia law in the nation.

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