Andromeda Now Offers a Free Trial

Mass Effect Andromeda Switch

Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Free Demo on PS4, Xbox One and PC with New Trailer

The launch of BioWare's Mass Effect Andromeda earlier this year certainly had its issues, from bugs to weird facial and character animation that led to many an internet meme. Prior to this, the 10 hour free trial was only available to EA Access subscribers, so for those who weren't subscribers, they were out of luck, at least until now. Play unlimited Multiplayer and play through to the first planet in Single Player.

The 10-hour free trial that was previously only available to EA Access members on PC and Xbox One is back, and it's now available to everyone, including those folks playing on PS4. So stay tuned for more details in the coming months. Of course, you have to select the free trial option, because the page is the same as the purchase for the full demo. The critiques have disapproved of the Mass Effect: Andromeda patch, but despite all the bugs and flaws, the game has some good qualities as well.

You can download the demo here for PC, here for PlayStation 4 and here on Xbox One. Those who already participated in the Origin free trial can still join this trial and just play the time they have remaining. Should the trial prove successful, then maybe those questions over potential DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda will also finally get answers.

It might come out as a disappointment for the Mass Effect players, even though the game still provides enjoyable and pleasant experiences, and it might make the players off picking up the game until the flaws and bugs are fixed.

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