Arab quartet ready for talks with Qatar if it meets demands

He also called on Qatar to comply with the 13 demands of the quartet and pledge not to interfere in the affairs of the four Arab countries.

Ministers of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain met in Manama on Sunday as part of their ongoing consultations regarding the rift.

The meeting of foreign ministers was attended by Saudi Arabia's Adel Al-Jubeir, the UAE's Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Egypt's Sameh Shoukry and Bahrain's Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmad bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa.

On Sunday, foreign ministers of the four countries said they were ready for dialogue with Qatar if it showed willingness to tackle their demands.

On the issue of Qatari Hajj pilgrims, Al Jubeir said they are welcome by Saudi like pilgrims from any other country.

Qatar has denied Saudi media reports that Arab states would allow Qatari planes to use air corridors in emergencies, saying they were spreading "false information".

On June 5, the four nations broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar.

The six principles, a reduced version of the 13 demands, include demands for Qatar to stop funding terrorism and extremist groups, stop inciting propaganda against them and halt interfering in their internal affairs.

The UAE warned that Qatar should take the demands seriously or face a "divorce" from its Gulf neighbors.

Qatar has also accused Saudi Arabia of restricting Qatari pilgrimage to Makkah, the site of the annual Haj pilgrimage that falls next month.

Earlier in July it appeared the 13-point list might be abandoned, when diplomats told reporters at the United Nations they now wanted Qatar to accept six broad principles. Mecca is in Saudi Arabia, but Qataris can not fly there directly from Doha under the sanctions.

"We are back to square one", Abdullah Al-Shayji, a political science professor at Kuwait University, said to Bloomberg. The escalation came two weeks after the website of Qatar's official news agency was allegedly hacked by unknown individuals who reportedly published statements attributed to the country's emir, Thani. "We have not progressed an inch because we were under the impression that the 13 demands were not only null and void but channeled into six principles".

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