British Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel does not like 'shield'

Formula One is testing their new debris-deflecting shield for the first time during practice today on Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari, but Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is SO not on board with it. F1's answer for head protection is a wrap-around windshield that looks suspiciously like the idea Red Bull had previous year.

The shield is a wraparound windscreen that is created to protect drivers from debris striking their helmet if a rival has a failure or an accident occurs in front of them - the rear suspension failure of Rubens Barrichello in 2009 being one of the main influences after a spring came loose and struck Felipe Massa with near disastrous consequences.

"I got a bit dizzy", the championship leader told Sky Sports F1.

"We had another run planned with it, but I didn't like it, so we took it off".

Despite the FIA being insistent that a head protection system is coming in 2018, Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner believes that the Shield will need to be properly tested in all conditions before it can be safely introduced into the sport, much like the Halo system was previous year.

Grosjean says he remains as vehemently against the Shield as he was against the Halo.

Grosjean is now a director of the GPDA, having replaced Jenson Button earlier this year, and he said the matter of cockpit protection is no longer discussed by the drivers' body.

"It is not up to us to make the decision, the drivers are very divided on that opinion. I tried the Halo a year ago, I hated it, it made me sick so we haven't yet found a good solution".

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel showcases the new protective shield in Practice 1 of the British GP.

"We're anxious about reflections but there may be solutions to that".

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