Cat killer sentenced to 16 years in jail

Cat killer who lured pets from people's homes is jailed for 16 years

Robert Farmer killed 21 cats after luring some from their homes

Schroeder argued in court that Farmer should not be convicted of sexually abusing one of the dead cats because a veterinarian examination of the animal reported no evidence of abuse. Stine was surprised when McKimmie said her cat went missing the same morning as his 16-year-old orange tabby cat Chablis, who still has not been seen to this day. Her grandson also told her that Farmer had commented once about "what it would feel like to kill a person".

Robert Roy Farmer, who pleaded guilty past year to 21 counts of animal cruelty as well as misdemeanor battery and being under the influence, lured some of his prey from their homes in San Jose, California.

But the judge rejected the notion that Farmer was in a methamphetamine "frenzy", as well as his contention in a letter to her that he would never do something as "cruel, sadistic and inexcusable" as this again.

Cats began disappearing in September 2015 with one escaped feline treated by a vet for a "bite that was not an animal bite".

"If there was an animal cruelty registry then Mr. Farmer would be the ideal picture for that", Chatman said. Under the conditions set by Chatman, he will not be allowed to own, care for or live with an animal for 10 years. Other conditions include mandatory drug testing.

Farmer was originally arrested in 2015 after police found him sleeping in a auto with a dead cat in the center console and blood smears and fur scattered over the inside of the vehicle.

Inside his auto, officers also found multiple cat collars, along with the carcass of an orange tabby cat, according to police. They also found a backpack with fur-covered gloves and a hunting knife.

"The judge agreed with my analysis", Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Ellis said, as quoted by NBC.

"It's still painful to come home knowing GoGo isn't waiting for us", she added.

"The judge did everything she could possibly do", said Olena Klingman.

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