CNN figures out the identity of the Reddit wrestling video creator

CNN figures out the identity of the Reddit wrestling video creator

CNN figures out the identity of the Reddit wrestling video creator

Still yet to show any remorse for inciting violence against the media? I'm not so sure about that, but in any case I managed to avoid wasting time on it.

HanA**holeSolo later took down the post and wrote an apology for posting the video and other anti-Semitic and racist posts, CNN reported. "What the President's feed showed was not the original post that was posted here, but loaded up somewhere else and sound added to it then sent out on Twitter". They promised not to reveal his identity if he ceased his operations, which to many resembled a threat. But apologizing for them? This then became a form of addiction, as he wanted to see how far he could go.

Welcome to Reddit, ladies and gentlemen. By Monday morning the hashtag "CNNBlackmail" was trending on Twitter.

Numerous memes and tweets under the #CNNblackmail trend amount to jokes and victory laps by notable users who are known to be supportive of Trump and hostile to mainstream media outlets. CNN said he was an adult male and Kaczynski tweeted, "People claiming he's 15 are wrong".

On Wednesday, Twitter was set ablaze over a debate about a CNN article that identified the Reddit user - though not with his real name - who created the GIF of President Donald Trump wrestling a man with the network's logo superimposed over his head.

The user wrote, "I would like to apologise to the members on the reddit community for getting this site and this sub embroiled in a controversy that should never have happened". Reddit user "HanAssholeSolo", who claims to have created the GIF, had a history of racist and antisemitic posts made under the same account.

"Just like CNN tracked down this child and used media exposure as a bludgeon against him for posting (truthful and funny) things that they don't like, we are going to begin tracking down their families as a bludgeon against them for publishing (seditiously fraudulent) things that we don't like", Auernheimer wrote. Business Insider had viewed a post from the HanAssholeSolo account before it was deleted that said the user was 37 years old.

The Committee to Protect Journalists published a statement this week, saying that the tweet "undermines the work of the media in the USA and makes it more risky".

Some are calling it blackmail, others that CNN is anti-free speech a awful thing to say about a media outlet, it is extremely petty at the least. "In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same", the network reasoned. And the author of the story, Andrew Kaczynski, tweeted that the man called him to say that he "was not threatened in anyway [SIC]". Kaczynski defended the line, saying it had been "misinterpreted" and "was intended only to mean we made no agreement w/the man about his identity".

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