Congress Narrowly Rejects Anti-Trans Military Amendment

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Congress Narrowly Rejects Anti-Trans Military Amendment

The House of Representatives voted down an amendment that would have put a ban on Pentagon-funded transgender surgeries.

"You're joining the USA military".

The U.S. House is set to vote Thursday on an amendment that would bar transgender people from receiving transition-related health care, such as gender reassignment surgery.

Once the amendment comes to the floor, it will be the first time in history the US history has considered a measure specifically aimed at rolling back rights for transgender people.

"To be clear, this vile amendment is a vicious attack on service members who are sacrificing so much and putting their lives on the line for our country", said American Military Partner Association President Ashley Broadway-Mack. To prepare for "transgender inclusion", the Army is reportedly instructing women soldiers to accept sharing public showers, restrooms and barracks with gender-confused "transgenders", including men who call themselves "women" yet still possess their inborn male genitalia intact. "It is imperative that the House of Representatives reject this harmful amendment".

The U.S. House of Representatives is now considering a proposal by Republican members that would prevent the Pentagon from paying for transition procedures for transgender troops.

Hartlzer said the amendment to an annual defense policy bill would ensure the military spends taxpayer dollars only on critical needs.

Rep. Hartzler's new amendment - which prohibits the Department of Defense from providing medical treatment for transition-related services - was given the green light by House Republican leadership late Wednesday. Currently, the military branches allow current transgender service members to serve openly, but the Defense Department has delayed by six months the deadline by which the various branches were expected to begin allowing new transgender recruits. Following official ratification of the leadership's decision by the House Rules Committee later tonight, the amendment will head to the House floor.

Niles-area Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan called the proposal "an act of cruel targeting that is beneath the dignity of the United States Congress, and in stark contrast to the respect that transgender servicemembers who have stood up to protect our nation deserve". "Cisgender service members could take hormones for birth control, to treat a gynecological condition or other conditions requiring hormone replacement therapy; but it is uniquely banned for transgender people".

A smattering of Democrats gathered to oppose the amendment offered by Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., quietly gasped.

Hartzler, a Missouri Republican, argued the Pentagon should not be paying for costly surgeries when it's struggling with tight budgets and readiness problems.

A 2016 analysis by Rand Corp. found that the impact on military readiness would be minimal, since even the highest estimates indicate that less than 0.1 percent of the total force would ever seek transition-related medical care that would hinder their deployment.

"With the challenges we are facing across the globe, we are asking the American people to invest their hard-earned money in national defense".

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