Did Abe's wife snub Trump at G-20 dinner?

Did Abe's wife snub Trump at G-20 dinner?

Did Abe's wife snub Trump at G-20 dinner?

"One Twitter user said: "'Look, I'm just going to pretend I don't speak English'. There is also speculation that with Akie Abe, who has struck a feminist tone in the past, she simply didn't want to speak to a man like Trump, who on record has disrespected women on several occasions.

In a New York Times interview this week, the president noted that he was seated next to the Argentine and Japanese first ladies at the Group of 20 summit dinner in Hamburg, Germany.

So spare a thought for the First Lady of Japan, who was recently forced to sit next to someone who's all three of those things: Donald Trump. The president then said that the prime minister's wife was "a terrific woman, but doesn't speak English".

The conjecture stems from an excerpt in an interview that the president gave to The New York Times.

In fact, she can handle a basic conversation in English, according to two people who have worked on events with the first lady.

Trump's comments are even more awkward considering the Japanese Prime Minister and his wife were the first overseas dignitaries hosted by the American President after he took office.

But it turns out Trump and Ms Abe weren't hanging onto each other's every word all evening.

Mrs Abe, we salute you.

Everyone has been in a huff about Donald Trump talking to Vladimir Putin at dinner during the G20 summit earlier this month.

According to an article from the Washington Post, a little digging revealed that Mrs Abe attended Sacred Heart in Tokyo, an English-speaking worldwide school.

One might even assume that Trump's belief that Abe was unable to even say "hello" in English was a racist, reductionist assumption about the intelligence and worldliness of the Japanese people.

Of course, we don't know whether Abe was intending to avoid Trump, or if there was another reason their dinner convo was kept to a minimum.

The New York Daily News, however, reported that the next day, a video of Akie reading a keynote address in English circulated.

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