Disney finds its Aladdin and Jasmine for forthcoming live-action film

Mena Massoud			Mena Massoud for Al

Mena Massoud Mena Massoud for Al

One star has apparently already signed on for the role of Genie, originally made famous by Robin Williams.

Relative newcomer Mena Massoud and Power Rangers star Naomi Scott have booked a flight on a magic carpet ride.

Massoud comes into the project as a mostly unknown factor, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Smith's a good actor with a lot of credits under his belt, but he's got some big, pointy shoes to fill.

Actress Naomi Scott, recently seen in as the Pink Ranger in the Power Rangers reboot, will portray Princess Jasmine.

There has been much speculation about who will be taking on the roles in the Guy Ritchie remake of the 1992 hit film.

It's a whole new world with a whole new cast. Scott, on the other hand, is of Indian descent.

Mena Massoud			Mena Massoud for Al
Mena Massoud Mena Massoud for Al

Aladdin will follow an incredibly successful stint of Disney live-action remakes that includes Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and more.

Will Smith was first reported by THR last week, but has now been confirmed.

After some controversy, Aladdin has cast its lead character.

Will Smith will voice the Genie.

The film was reportedly struggling to find a suitable actor to play Aladdin. "But it has to be avery fast discovery process because at this point shooting is supposed to start in August". Dan Lin, who worked with Ritchie in the two Sherlock Holmes movies, is producing Aladdin. Jonathan Eirich is exec producing.

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