Elon Musk has officially started digging a tunnel under Los Angeles

Godot the boring Company

Elon Musk has officially started digging a tunnel under Los Angeles

According to The Boring Company's website and the concept video they released, the components of the elevator (shafts, sleds, and skates) will facilitate carrying cars down into the tunnel, as well as ferrying people.

In fact, Musk has been working with Hawthorne city officials for over a year about building the tunnel, which was originally conceived as a way to get SpaceX employees across from the parking lot to the building safely.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when Elon Musk spoke with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti about the possibility of bringing a tunnel network to the city.

Last month, Elon Musk described the initial plans for the first stage of the Los Angeles underground tunnel network: the first segment would run from the LAX airport to Culver City. The boring machine named Godot has finished the first part of a huge tunnel under the ground, he announced on Twitter.

Musk had said the auto will first be offered only with two-wheel drive and that the all-wheel drive version will likely arrive early next year.

At the TED Conference in April, the Tesla CEO showed an animation illustrating how the tunnel system would work.

The Boring Company emerged late past year when Musk thought there could be a solution to the traffic situation in the Los Angeles area.

Musk has previously spoken about the lofty goal of high-speed "Hyperloop" train-style system, while his interest in infrastructure has led to the creation of the Boring Company, which completed the first stage of its dig below LA last week. "We bought some second-hand machinery; it's kind of puttering along but it's making good progress".

Seattleites can be forgiven if they're skeptical about Musk's vision, in light of the years-long struggle to bore a transit tunnel downtown.

"Build more tunnels", Musk said then.

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