Erdogan says he favors extension of emergency rule in Turkey

Turkey Marks 1 Year Since July 15 Coup Attempt Quashed

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Ankara has effectively ostracized Germany and other European Union member states, which decry the developments over the past year as reason enough to halt talks on its decades-old application to join the 28-member bloc. "We are comfortable", he said.

Some Turks believe the coup attempt was secretly orchestrated by Mr. Erdogan himself, even though there is no evidence.

"Once upon a time when I was in my first term as prime minister, Turkey was being described as a country which has accomplished a silent revolution during..."

More than 240 people have been killed after rogue soldiers commandeered tanks and fighter jets in an attempt to abduct and kill the Turkish president. "This is the situation right now", Erdogan said. "We will continue to remember July 15 with more comprehensive programs in the future", he said.

The state of emergency announced in Turkey was extended for several times.

"We are in a hurry to find a solution here". Turkey is never in favor of Muslim killing Muslim in this region. "We are fed up with this", Erdogan said.

Members of global media are being hosted in Ankara by Turkey's Directorate General of Press and Information. Eser was detained earlier this month along with seven other rights activists and two foreign trainers. He said they were "acting with terrorist organisations and the forces inciting them against our country".

Erdogan, who was on holiday on the coast at Marmaris, made the most of his freedom and contacted a journalist and did an interview on Facebook Live, which was broadcast on satellite television.

One report, in Iranian media a week after the coup, claimed Russian Federation had warned Turkey.

Erdogan was speaking nearly a year to the day since the July 15 attempted military coup. They say the government used its control of the media to suppress opposition arguments while clamping down harshly on dissent.

However, he said lifting of the emergency rule is possible in the near future.

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