Facebook is expanding Messenger home screen ads worldwide

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Facebook is expanding Messenger home screen ads worldwide

Facebook announced the expansion of ads on its Messenger.

Facebook started testing the ads beta within Messenger back in January in Australia and Thailand.

When users click or tap an ad in Messenger, they will either be transported to the advertiser's website, or taken to a chat with the company in question.

Facebook has made a decision to introduce advertisements on its Messenger platform too, the social networking company has announced in a blog post. Like Audience Network, Messenger ads are an additional placement option when businesses run ads on Facebook.

"We'll start slow", Chudnovsky told VentureBeat. With this style of advertising, Facebook claims that it has given these brands a platform to communicate with their customers more effectively by answering questions and removing their respective concerns about brands products or services. They appear on the Messenger home tab feed and are labeled "Sponsored".

Facebook will be targeting the ads based on the user's interest. The company is now going to offer businesses around the world.

Most of us won't be seeing Messenger ads right away. Users around the world should start seeing the new ads in Messenger by the end of the year.

Advertisements will vary between each user and depend on how each user is engaging with the app, the size of their device and the users Facebook history. If you don't like them, you can always try Facebook Messenger Lite which doesn't seem to have the ads in there. But Facebook has at least mercifully refrained from inserting ads into your actual conversations - for the time being, that is. "I doubt people will be overwhelmed by ads in their message list", said eMarketer principal analyst Deborah Aho Williamson. Furthermore, users will be given the choice to hide and report certain ads, not unlike the Facebook app experience.

Facebook will soon display ads on the Facebook Messenger home screen. It allowed businesses to build Messenger bots and communicate to users directly.

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