First Pokemon Go Anniversary Event Additions May Disappoint Fans

You can't even escape Pokémon Go at your local craft beer bottle store

Enlarge You can't even escape Pokémon Go at your local craft beer bottle

Today is the official first anniversary of Pokemon GO, and the celebration includes swaths of wild Pikachu roaming about wearing the famous hat that Ash left Pallet Town in. The first details are coming from a fansite which acquired a press release with the details.

The in-game shop will be selling Anniversary Boxes during that just over two week period.

Pokémon Go has celebrated events with special Pikachus in the past, like when their was a Santa hat-wearing Pikachu over the holidays, so this one-year anniversary Pikachu will give collectors another reason to go out and hunt. He'll keep the hat, too, so it can be a special addition to your collection.

Despite marketing around its one-year anniversary and the Pokémon Go Fest later this month, only 15 percent of respondents said they heard "a great deal" about Pokémon Go this year, 54 percent of which went on to download the game. Instead, we get another Pikachu variant and a box of items that costs money.

Raid Pass - to allow players to join the game's new Raid social feature.

Hanke says regarding trading and PVP that "had we not had to divert resources to infrastructure versus features, I think we would've had some of those things out earlier".

According to Reddit user, legoturtle92, Niantic Labs is planning to bring a rare Pikachu to Pokemon Go. But I guess it's impossible to easily top what has been rolled out in the major update.

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