'Growing sense' Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott may face suspension from domestic violence investigation

Dallas Cowboys Rumors Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Could Have Cowboys Looking For Backfield Help

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Schefter added that the NFL's inquest isn't completed but that it is nearing the latter stages.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, there is a "growing sense" that Ezekiel Elliott will face a "short suspension" for his involvement in a 2016 domestic violence incident. Per 105.3 The Fan Cowboys insider Mike Fisher, the front office "is not aware" of any upcoming suspension.

It is one of the many reasons that the Ohio State product Elliott now is gearing up for a short suspension, even if the National Football League insists no resolutions have been made, multiple sources said.

In a TMZ report a year ago, Elliott's ex-girlfriend accused the running back in July 2016 of assaulting her, but did not press charges. The Cowboys have veterans Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris behind Elliott on the roster, but they are expected to bring in more help - for competition and depth in training camp if nothing else.

The NFL has been investigating domestic violence claims against Elliott stemming back to last offseason.

In the weeks following the allegations, Elliott said he had text messages proving he was being set up.

The Cowboys do not yet know anything definitive about Elliott's fate ... but if he is about to know the charges so will they.

High-ranking #Cowboys source says that Ezekiel Elliott has messages saved on his phone proving his ex-girlfriend is trying to set him up. He visited a legal marijuana dispensary before a preseason game past year and was caught pulling down a woman's top at a St. Patrick's Day Parade (consensually, apparently). He was also involved in two auto accidents - one fender bender in which he was the driver and another in which he was the passenger - the latter of which cause him to sit out the beginning of Cowboys OTAs in May.

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