Honours even in NZ-Lions Test classic

Honours even in NZ-Lions Test classic

Honours even in NZ-Lions Test classic

So the Lions tour is over and we were gifted with a cracking third Test match to finish off the series in Auckland.

Like their 1971 forebears, the Lions eked out a draw at Eden Park in the final Test on Saturday night after striking a 78th-minute penalty goal through Owen Farrell.

"They just played footy and we were confident that they would do their job", Beauden Barrett said of his two Hurricanes teammates, who he believes are at the embryonic stage of lengthy Test careers. "I don't think he had any chance of getting his hand on that".

"I'm pretty open to shift around", Barrett said. "We would have been devastated as a group if we had of lost the game from that kick off". The ball's landed in Ken Owens' arms, and the man next to me [Warburton] has been quite smart and astute in being able to talk the referee from a penalty into an accidental offside.

"I think we'll look back on the series and a draw is better than a loss".

Saying that "maybe a drawn series was fair", Hansen added: "We played well in the first one, they played well in the second one and we probably did enough to win it and they did enough to hang in. and got a couple of breaks".

A penalty was immediately awarded.

"Straight away you see the young fellah who caught the ball, he knew: "S***, I shouldn't be catching this" so he chucked it away", said Hansen.

"There's too many avenues that you can go down, but that's not the ref's fault, that's the rulebook".

"It's a tough game to ref", Hansen said in his opening remarks at the post-game press conference. "Again, it is what it is, it's happened and we can't change that".

"It's a game and as little kids, we were taught to take the good with the bad; and we have to do that". "Go back to the World Cup and the same thing happened where Scotland missed out [on a semi-final] because they didn't use the video", he said. To come to somewhere like New Zealand, the home of the double world champions, after such a short time together and to run them as close as we did is a huge achievement.

'His initial instincts were that it was a penalty then he spoke to his team and one of them suggested it was accidental.

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