Mayweather v McGregor: Anthony Fowler expects Floyd Mayweather to beat Conor McGregor

Will Mayweather-McGregor be a billion dollar fight?

Who Knocked Out Conor McGregor in training?

The bad blood of the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor press conferences is now spilling onto the streets.

That likely won't change based on rumors emerging from his training camp.

Rios, who previously held the WBA lightweight title, has also rejected Vargas' claim adding that he's never met McGregor.

"I just got exhausted of it, but I'm looking forward to seeing Floyd get the victory by knockout".

Rios confirmed that he has never sparred with McGregor and interestingly claimed that he didn't even know who "The Notorious" was. The highly-anticipated superfight just wrapped up a four stop World Tour to promote the match-up, in which McGregor and Mayweather got to show off their gifts of gab as they engaged in a slew of trash-talk on stage in front of fight fans.

But Mayweather said that, even though he's spoken with Vargas, he's not necessarily buying the story he told about McGregor since he hasn't seen the knockout take place with his own eyes. I'm disappointed as a society because we've come to accept this.

Nate Diaz punches Conor McGregor during UFC 196 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on March 5, 2016 in Las Vegas. The phone's been blowing up.

Mayweather called McGregor a "punk" and a "faggot" at another media appearance.

In an Instagram post on Monday, the first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously, said: "I must break you".

Much has been made of Conor's training, as he gets sets to compete in what will likely be the biggest fight of all time.

Mayweather-Pacquiao set a record with 4.6 million PPV buys, and some estimates indicate that Mayweather-McGregor could surpass five million buys.

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