Nevada mulling state of emergency over pot shortage

Will You Still Need A Medical Card When Recreational Cannabis is Legal

Nevada mulling state of emergency over pot shortage

Most of Nevada's recreational marijuana retailers are optimistic an emergency regulation that state officials are expected to approve will help keep them from running out of pot supplies, but some are "running on fumes", an industry official said Tuesday.

'Some establishments report the need for delivery within the next several days'.

'A halt in this market will lead to a hole in the state's school budget'.

The Sparks City Council voted Monday to allow recreational marijuana sales in the city.

It's not that it's an emergency situation to get these people their recreational drugs, but rather, one for the state's tax coffers, which could stand to lose a pretty penny if dispensaries can't sell their product.

As of Friday, the Department of Taxation had issued zero distribution licenses to alcohol wholesalers, because of incomplete applications and zoning issues, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

But a court ruling has made it impossible for the 47 dispensaries to restock without alcohol wholesalers.

The problem is not growing - there are 100 in operation across the state - but in distribution and state rules on who is allowed to transport the pot.

Does anyone want to hear Sessions' take on an emergency over a lack of marijuana for sale in Nevada?

Nevada had previously tried to open up transportation licensing but lost a legal challenge from the state's liquor industry, which seeks to maintain the exclusivity that had been agreed previous year.

A customer pays for marijuana products at Essence Vegas Cannabis Dispensary after the start of recreational marijuana sales began on July 1. This is in part due to the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada and a lawsuit they filed which challenged the issuance of licenses claiming they broke with the language and intent of Question 2, the ballot measure to passed in November. "Even as we attempted to schedule the final facility inspection for one of the applicants this week, they told us their facility was not ready and declined the inspection", Klapstein said.

The department is also continuing the process of asserting its rights through the Court. With the matter of the distributor licensing proposal still standing, many employees could lose their jobs and the industry could be damaged. A 15 percent tax on the cultivation of marijuana generates revenue for schools, while the 10 percent sales tax can be used for the state's rainy day fund.

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