New Horizons Pluto flyby 2nd anniversary

New Horizons Pluto flyby 2nd anniversary

New Horizons Pluto flyby 2nd anniversary

The only bummer is there's no audio - I'd recommend Elton John's "Rocket Man" or R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" if you want some soothing, appropriately themed background tunes.

The New Horizons spacecraft collected more than 1,200 images of Pluto and tens of gigabits of data during its mission which NASA says its scientists are still analyzing.

If you enjoy the Pluto video, NASA also made another one showing a flyover of Charon, Pluto's largest moon. All feature names in the Pluto system are informal.

The dramatic movie starts from the highlands all the way to the southwest where there is a great nitrogen ice plain known as the Sputnik Planitia.

The new images reveal that Pluto has several layers to its global atmospheric haze, which according to Nasa, "creates a twilight effect that softly illuminates nightside terrain near sunset".

The scientists used the actual New Horizon data and the new advanced elevation models of Pluto planet together with its biggest moon, Charon, to produce stunning movies that gives spectacular new outlook of many unusual features that were discovery earlier.

"The viewer first passes over the western margin of Sputnik, where it borders the dark, cratered terrain of Cthulhu Macula, with the blocky mountain ranges located within the plains seen on the right", NASA officials wrote in a video description.

The equally exciting flight over Charon begins high over the hemisphere New Horizons saw on its closest approach, then descends over the deep, wide canyon of Serenity Chasma.

The New Horizons spacecraft may have moved on from Pluto, making a long march to the Kuiper Belt, but we're still deep in the process of analyzing the data it sent back.

The topography on both videos are exaggerated by a factor of two to three to help emphasize the surface details.

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