OJ Simpson to face Nevada parole board with freedom in sight

OJ Simpson to face Nevada parole board with freedom in sight

OJ Simpson to face Nevada parole board with freedom in sight

Simpson could be denied parole after he was caught masturbating in his cell by a female corrections officer, RadarOnline.com has learned. They were collectibles dealers and a few men Simpson joined for an ill-fated attempt to retrieve sports memorabilia from them in a hotel off the Las Vegas Strip. There have been no reports that Simpson has associated with gangs in prison. An unanimous decision would end debate, but if the panel is not unanimous, additional board members would be contacted and asked to weigh in until there are four votes to determine his parole one way or another.

Only four members of the seven-member Nevada parole board will be present at the public hearing in Carson City, which is where these four are based.

Six days later, the board granted Simpson parole on the burglary count, two counts of kidnapping and two counts of robbery.

The hearing's attracting a lot of hype - it'll be broadcast live on United States television and live streamed around the world. If his parole is granted, Simpson could be released as early as October 1. They will consider his age, whether his conviction was for a violent crime (it was), his prior criminal history (he had none) and his plans after release, Smith said. Simpson's ultimate release date - without parole or further infractions - is now set for September 2022, though it can fluctuate based on time earned.

Repeated misconduct can earn 2 points, while a clean record for a year can subtract 1 point.

The oldest of Simpson's four children from two marriages. Andy Caldwell, a retired Las Vegas police detective who investigated the Simpson case, will be at the prison but won't be in the room.

Simpson's sister and longtime supporter.

The other victim of the Las Vegas robbery, Alfred Beardsley, died in 2015. "Although Johnnie was a very good lawyer, I enjoyed working with him and became his good friend, but apart from that the dream team was not as well coordinated as it should have been and the work was not apportioned out on a very thoughtful basis in my view". The O.J. case might have been three months total, it took over a year.

But, he's apparently been on his best behavior while behind bars, and has a good chance of gaining parole, according to ABC News.

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