OnePlus 5 smartphones reboot when users call emergency services

OnePlus 5 handsets are rebooting when users call emergency services

OnePlus 5 handsets are rebooting when users call emergency services

That's the one feature that should work on any kind of phone, no matter if it's a dumb device or a flagship handset like the OnePlus 5.

Users of the OnePlus 5 are reporting a new bug in which the so-called "flagship killer" smartphone reboots whenever emergency services numbers are called - whether that's 999 in the United Kingdom or 911 in the US. One reddit user reports that he saw a building fire that was a few blocks away from his position.

OnePlus acknowledged the issue but did not explain it, Gizmodo reports.

It's now being speculated that the glitch may have been triggered by the OnePlus 5's Global Positioning System. Imagine being stuck in an emergency, and your phone starts rebooting instead of getting you through 911 hotline.

Multiple people have chimed in the Reddit thread (source link) to confirm that the phone reboots when calling an emergency number.

It is not clear what is causing the reboot, with OnePlus talking to affected customers to try and identify the issue. This is a major safety issue and it could easily be one of the worse things that could happen to a person. Users who have the issue should have a backup phone or a landline just in case. However, it is likely a software bug that could be fixed with an update. Last month, users complained of a "jelly scrolling" issue plaguing the handset's display.

OnePlus has acknowledged the issue and said it is investigating the problem.

In a statement to The Next Web, the company said: "We have contacted the customer and are now looking into the issue". This is natural and there's no variance in screens between devices. The OnePlus 5 features stereo microphones for recording video.

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