Oregon: Section of USA 101 covered in slime after eel truck rollover

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When he lost control of the flatbed near highway construction on US 101, the 13 containers of eels spilled onto the road, causing a four-car pile-up.

The container struck the vehicles, triggering a chain reaction, pushing four vehicles into each other.

No one was injured, but numerous cars were "slimed", while one lane of the motorway was closed for clean-up.

A highway in OR this past week fell victim to the wrath of a few hundred Pacific hagfish, also known as slime eels.

Oregon State Police, along with other local agencies, encountered a slimy sight on Highway 101 Thursday after a portion of the roadway became covered in eels.

How slimey are the sea creatures?

As photos of the incident circulated, Oregonians began debating whether the truck had contained eels or hag fish.

According to police, some of the people in the vehicles that got hit by the container suffered minor injuries.

"Our brains couldn't process what was happening, just kept going, cascading, a domino effect over these poor cars", Butler told KOIN. They then tie themselves into a knot, sliding the slime off their scale-less skin in the process, making them hard to capture.

Videos on the Depoe Bay Fire District's Twitter account showed crews using fire hoses to scour the road.

Mr Tragale's load of hagfish were destined for South Korea where they are enjoyed as a delicacy.

The Oregon State Police took the accident in stride, posting photos from the scene.

"[I'll remember] the sliminess of it all", she said, adding, "I will never eat eel".

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