Possible human remains recovered in search for fugitive

Police Chief Gregory Adams and his family

Police Chief Gregory Adams and his family

The remains of a man on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list in connection with the 1980 murder of a Saxonburg, Pennsylvania police chief have been located, the FBI says.

The remains were found buried behind the North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, home of the ex-wife of longtime fugitive Donald Eugene Webb, police said.

Adams' murder is the longest-running cold-case involving a police chief in the United States, CBS noted.

There's a sense of closure for the tightknit community as it learned the remains of the fugitive suspected of killing Adams were recovered outside Boston.

She ignored reporters' questions when she returned to her MA home Friday night.

He is believed to have died approximately 17 years ago but investigators wouldn't confirm how. After all these years, Webb's remains have been found in the backyard of his ex-wife's home in MA.

CBS Pittsburgh reports investigators spent the day digging in the backyard of Donald Webb's ex-wife's house in MA, where they found what is believed to be human remains.

Webb, then 49, was a jewelry thief from MA with connections to the New England mob.

Police spent the day digging in the backyard of Webb's ex-wife's home in MA, where they found what is believed to be human remains.

Mary Ann Jones, Adams' widow, told Channel 11 she didn't realize how emotional it would be to relive all of this.

She had filed a wrongful death suit against Lillian Webb, but dropped that to get her to reveal the location of the body.

"I'm not going to comment on any specifics on that", Quinn said. He was added to the list on May 4, 1981, and removed from it on March 31, 2007. State police in MA and Pennsylvania also were on hand for the dig.

The Maplecrest Drive home is the home of Lillian Webb, the former wife of known mob associate Donald Eugene Webb, who police have been looking for, for 37 years.

"The biggest question in the history of Saxonburg has been answered", said Saxonburg Police Chief Joseph Beachem in a statement.

'Our thoughts are with the family and we hope this eases their minds, if even only slightly.

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