Retired firefighter shoots out tyres of telco truck

Retired firefighter shoots out tyres of telco truck

Retired firefighter shoots out tyres of telco truck

A former Miami-Dade firefighter was arrested after he shot at two AT&T utility trucks while two workers wiring cables outside his home in Hialeah, police said.

"There's a guy shooting at the tires, he's shooting at the truck, the engine and everything", the AT&T employee is heard telling a 911 operator as the freakish assault unfolds.

According to WPLG, Jove asked the workers to move away from his home.

Charges are pending against Jove at this time. You can hear the panicked worker on the ground telling a 911 operator that Jove is "shooting out the tires, and he's shooting the engines on the trucks and everything!"

Cell phone footage rolled as Jove calmly walked to the first truck and shot out all four tires. "There's a guy shooting the tires and shooting the engines and everything", the voice says. "We're supposed to be here, '" said Zogby, who said Jove then returned with a handgun and fired at least a dozen shots, flattening the tires and shooting one of the vehicle's radiator. "We're trying to determine now whether he was actually intentionally trying to shoot the workers or just shoot the vehicles".

Jove was taken into custody by local police and was held for questioning. Jove was a retired firefighter from the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, where he worked for 34 years.

Police said Jove missed and the worker was not injured. "This is a very irrational act that he committed there".

He's charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and 2 counts of felony vandalism.

No one was hurt in the incident.

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