Shia LaBeouf Somehow Got Arrested for Public Drunkenness in Savannah, Georgia

Actor Shia La Beouf was arrested Saturday morning

Actor Shia La Beouf was arrested Saturday morning

Shia LaBeouf has been arrested for public drunkenness, obstruction and disorderly conduct in the U.S. city of Savannah, Georgia.

LaBeouf approached a citizen and an SCMPD officer around 4:00 a.m. close to the intersection of Barnard and W. St.

Police then asked the actor to leave the area and after refusing to do so, he became aggressive towards an officer.

As hard as it is to be arrested for public intoxication in Savannah, Georgia, LaBeouf was not the only person in the area to have a bad Friday night.

He also faces charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction.

During a red carpet premiere in 2014, the internationally recognised LaBeouf wore a brown paper bag on his head that read "I Am Not Famous Anymore".

He eventually ran off, into a nearby hotel, and was later apprehended in the lobby.

In 2011, LaBeouf was taken into police custody after an altercation with another patron at a bar in Sherman Oaks, California that ended with him being punched in the face.

This isn't the first brush with the law the former Disney star has had involving alcohol.

He was also arrested in 2014 for "drunken behaviour", and in 2008, for drunk driving.

A request for comment from LaBeouf's rep was not immediately returned.

The "Transformers" star was arrested in January at his art exhibit - "He Will Not Divide Us" - protesting against U.S President Donald Trump after he shoved a man with divergent views. In 2014, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after behaving in a truly freaky manner at a Broadway performance.

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