Special Session Day 2 Ends With No Action

Rauner'holding judgment on ACA repeal

Special Session Day 2 Ends With No Action

Barickman also said: "I asked the governor, I said, 'When the bill is transmitted to you, do you ... will you hold the bill so that we can have a negotiation?' He said 'yes.' He says, 'That's a very reasonable thing to do, but I need the bill first'". "I'm just asking for a meeting guys, I'm not trying to be confrontational". Chicago House Democrats Kelly Cassidy and Ann Williams turned to a new school Thursday, Senn High School, on Chicago's North Side, cleaning rather than as they put waste their time in Springfield.

Legislators are now in special session to work on the measure.

Governor Rauner holds the power to call it off, but there's no word if he's considering it. That is not something that most people in the state agree on.

Speaker Madigan did appoint members to work with Republicans on education funding reform, while saying he still believes that Governor Rauner should sign SB 1 as is. The governor says in the measure's current state - too much money would go to Chicago teacher pensions.

Democrats are likely lobbying Republicans to desert Rauner and vote to over-ride his expected veto. "In the spirit of ongoing cooperation, Representatives Will Davis and Barbara Flynn Currie will continue to work with legislative Republicans, as they have been doing for some time now." his statement read.

Senate President John Cullerton has not yet delivered SB1 to the governor.

"We have cleared our calendars in order to facilitate these discussions today and over the weekend". I am demanding the governor stop using our students as pawns and sign real education reform into law so every child in IL can have a shot at a better future. "Both chambers of the General Assembly have passed legislation, Senate Bill 1, that would transition the distribution to an evidence based model".

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