Taylor Review: UK should end cash in hand economy


Taylor Review: UK should end cash in hand economy

Despite the concessions that give workers more rights Matthew Taylor's review has been criticised for not being strong enough.

"Creating a new "dependent worker" category would be caving in to special pleading from platform companies who pretend that they can not pay the minimum wage like any other employer". The review also called for businesses that don't pay awards from tribunal rulings within a reasonable timeframe to be named and shamed, while those companies that fail to change the status of their staff after a tribunal ruling and get hauled up in front of a judge again on the same issue could be hit with penalties.

While reforms to the state pension introduced a year ago boost self-employed workers by giving them exactly the same entitlements as employed workers, the Taylor Review acknowledges that most should not be relying exclusively on the state to support them in retirement.

A Government spokesman said: "Greg Marsh is clearly an expert in his field and has insight into modern working practices, as well as being a successful entrepreneur". These should be protected while ensuring fairness for those who work through these platforms and those who compete with them. The government needs to ensure that any new measures are pro growth so that companies can continue to expand and create well paid opportunities for people in the UK.

In response, Uber's United Kingdom head of public policy, Andrew Byrne, said the company is "already investing in discounted illness and injury cover, and will be introducing further improvements soon".

Stock photo of an Uber sign. "We would welcome greater clarity in the law over different types of employment status", he said.

"Drivers using Uber made average fares of £15 per hour a year ago after our service fee and, even after costs, the average driver took home well over the National Living Wage", he noted.

One of the other recommendations in the review is to help the "dependent contractors" secure payment nearer to the national minimum wage.

"There are now 4.5 million people in insecure work, hundreds of thousands not being paid the money owed to them, and hundreds of complaints of employment agency malpractice going uninvestigated". "They won't decide to do so just because they're asked nicely", he said.

A long-awaited review of workers' rights in the so-called gig economy is facing a union backlash. "Can they muster sufficient support to actually make any legislative changes?" If Taylor's recommendations are followed, the legal action won't end, noted Kemp Little employment partner Kathryn Docks. "They will be complicated to administer and are bound to lead to even more tribunal litigation".

A United Kingdom government review into the modern workplace has recommended a range of measures meant to help low-paid workers employed by companies like Uber and Deliveroo.

A Government review into new forms of work, such as those provided by delivery and transport apps, has been conducted by Matthew Taylor and has been published today (July 11). Instead, Taylor outlined, there would need to be a tech angle here through which a "dependent contractor" is shown how they could've earned minimum wage.

Despite numerous calls to ban controversial zero hour contracts - which do not guarantee workers any hours - the Taylor review has not done so.

"One of the things these people value is the ability to work whenever they want to", Taylor told Radio 4′s Today programme.

He said: 'Let's face it, the Government has run out of steam and at a pivotal moment in our country and the world, amid uncertainty over Brexit, conflict in the Gulf states, nuclear sabre-rattling over North Korea, refugees continuing to flee war and destruction, ongoing pandemics, cross-border terrorism, poverty and inequality, and the impact of climate change are the core global challenges of our time'.

"Renaming workers "dependent contractors" might bring some benefits, but government will have to be absolutely clear who falls into this group".

"But it also means finding the right balance of rights and responsibilities, flexibilities and protections".

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