Trump is guest of honor at Bastille Day celebrations

Melania Trump France Paris

Melania Trump wears a red Dior suit with matching pumps as she deboards the plane with President Donald Trump. REX Shutterstock

Brigitte Macron is 64 while the French president, Macron is 39, a similar age gap to Trump, 71 and his wife Melania, 47.

Macron, in a speech near the end of the event, thanked the USA for intervening in World War I and said the fact that Trump was at his side "is the sign of a friendship across the ages".

Always a charmer, that guy.

But one user said: "Trump hadn't planned what to say to Brigitte Macron in advance".

In true Trump style, he went for a pretty grippy handshake with Brigitte Macron and held it there for an awkwardly long time.

Footage was posted to the French government's Facebook page from the U.S. president's first state visit to the country, in which Mr Trump commented on Brigitte Macron's fine form.

Trump said he might soften his climate policy and spoke less harshly than usual against free trade.

Trump used this opportunity to comment on the First Lady's body, to her face and to her husband.

France's annual Bastille Day parade turned into an event high on American patriotism, marked by a warm embrace between President Donald Trump and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron. Let's forget that he's a xenophobe and a racist; the president of people who believe that Bob Evans Restaurants are fine dining is an worldwide creep.

In the video, U.S. president did not hide his actions, even appearing to take a step back to appraise the French president's 64-year-old wife.

Trump had an awkward handshake when he met with Brigitte Macron.

Today's celebrations in Paris were tinged with mourning, coming a year on from a jihadist massacre that claimed 86 lives in the southern city of Nice, where Macron led remembrances after the Paris ceremonies.

Trump says in a tweet that the military parade featuring USA and French troops was "magnificent".

Yannick Mireur, a French political scientist, said Mr Macron went into the meeting with "a rather rare quality - that of empathy, interest in the person to try and understand him, to find the key to him".

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