United States admits inconsistency in describing J&K, but no policy change

After Iraq and Afghanistan India faced most terror attacks India Tv

After Iraq and Afghanistan India faced most terror attacks in 2016 US report

J&K Chief Minister said that if America intervenes in Kashmir, its situation would turn out like Syria and Afghanistan.

Mehbooba was reacting to the statement made by National conference NC patron, Dr Farooq Abdullah wherein he had said that India needs to take help from the USA or China to settle the Kashmir problem.

"Our policy on Kashmir has not changed", said a State Department spokesperson. "American and China should handle their own affairs, we should together find a solution here", she added. "Asked if he meant that a "third party" should be involved, Abdullah said, "(US President) Donald Trump has said he wants to settle the Kashmir problem. China has its own vexing issue in Tibet.

She said, "As Vajpayeeji said in the Lahore declaration, India and Pakistan should hold talks to resolve Kashmir issue".

Please Wait while comments are loading. "So we should not trust or levy attention to his statement", said Ghosh. Wherever America intervened, you see (the situation in) Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. "Farooq's asking for intervention of a third country on Kashmir makes one wonder whether he is a representative of India or Pakistan", he said.

Dr Abdullah earlier asserted that government of India should approach third parties, such as the United States and China, to mediate in the Kashmir issue.

"Kashmir is India and India is Kashmir", said Rahul Gandhi. "Some solution should come out for (ending) this and the solution will come only then when we, both the countries, respect these agreements", she said.

Earlier, the USA had said that instead of waiting until "something happens", it would try and "find its place in efforts to de-escalate strains between Pakistan and India".

The government at the Centre recently reiterated that Kashmir is a bilateral issue with Pakistan and there is no scope for third party mediation.

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