Watching Next Month's Solar Eclipse? Here's How To Do It Safely

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Watching Next Month's Solar Eclipse? Here's How To Do It Safely

Understanding the visible sun's exact size will be possible only by combining careful solar measurements with the simulations and precise understanding of the moon's and Earth's elevations that exist now, Jubier said. If you want to travel to see the total solar eclipse, the closest path of totality to Wisconsin is just south of St. Louis, Missouri, or southern IL. "If we can measure contact times accurately, everything else being the same, the only thing that can change is the solar radius".

"We're trying to educate teachers that this is not a one shot event", said Sabrina Edmondson, who used to be a teacher, but now works for NASA."This is something they can take throughout the year and grow on it". However, the shadows cast by solar eclipses are fairly small, usually around 50 miles wide, compared to lunar events, which can be seen by half the Earth at a time. See NASA's Eye Safety During a Total Solar Eclipse page for a detailed safety guide, and if you do choose to view the total eclipse without eye protection, please exercise extreme caution during this time.

- NASA has launched its newest app aimed to inspire citizen scientists to share their experiences during the upcoming coast to coast solar eclipse.

The 2024 will go across IN with a total eclipse at Bloomington and Indianapolis. "The sun is just so bright that there are things we can not see except for when the light is mostly blocked out for us". The phenomenon plunges the Earth into darkness and offers a brief look at the sun's atmosphere, or corona.

At this point, you may be remembering elementary school science and wondering why we do not have an eclipse every month.

The rest of the continental United States will witness a partial solar eclipse.

The total solar eclipse may have other lasting effects, suggested James Bullock, professor and chair of the physics and astronomy department at the University of California at Irvine.

If you buy eclipse glasses, be sure that they are made by one of the five companies the American Astronomical Society has certified as safe for use.

No matter where you are during the August eclipse you're going to get a great view of it thanks to NASA.

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