12-Year-Old Pours Boiling Water on Girl at Sleepover

12-Year-Old Pours Boiling Water on Girl at Sleepover

12-Year-Old Pours Boiling Water on Girl at Sleepover

Jamoneisha Merritt was at a sleepover at her friend's house near Findlay Avenue and East 166th Street early Monday morning when one of her classmates got boiling water and poured it in a cup, according to police.

Jamoneisha was rushed to Harlem Hospital's burn unit, and Rev. Robert Rice prayed with her, along with her mother and grandmother, in the hospital room.

Police said the 12-year-old girl who is accused in the attack has been charged with assault.

"Her and her friend got into an argument", Merritt's cousin said, according to ABC7.

The news station reported that it is unclear how long the girl will remain in the hospital, nor is it known how well or quickly she will recover.

Jamoneisha Merritt, 11, continues to recover in hospital and has yet to be given a mirror to see the severe skin burns she will have for the rest of her life.

Her mother told the television reporters that those involved had been bullying her daughter.

"They ain't letting her see her face". They've been on Snapchat. "I wanted to do it", she said. It's been going on several times.

Meanwhile, the victim's family members say the 11-year-old was actually bullied before this happened by the same 12-year-old girl who doused her with that scalding water.

Though she's in good spirits, her family also told the outlet that she's a lot of physical and emotional pain.

Eight-year-old Ki'ari Pope from Florida died after apparently taking part in what may have been a variation on the craze by drinking boiling water as part of a dare with another child. At this point, none of the other children are facing charges. "Don't just give them your phone and let them go by".

"Watch what your kids are doing on the Internet", he said.

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