36 killed, dozens injured as trains collide in Alexandria, Egypt

36 killed dozens injured as trains collide in Alexandria Egypt – health ministry

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Two trains have collided head-on in Alexandria, Egypt, killing at least 29 people, according to medical officials.

Hospitals in Alexandria announced state of emergency to receive more injured.

Local media reported that Egypt's Prosecutor-General Nabil Sadiq has ordered an urgent investigation into the collision.

A railroad switching error most likely caused the crash, a security source said without giving further details.

That accident came months after a train carrying military conscripts derailed, killing 17 people, and nearly a year after 47 schoolchildren were killed when a train crashed into their bus. Months later a train carrying military conscripts derailed, killing 17 people. Fifty-one people were killed, many of them children.

Egyptians have long complained that the government has failed to deal with chronic transport problems, with roads as poorly maintained as railway lines. In 2012, a school bus collided with a train at a rail crossing.

Egypt's Health Ministry has raised to 36 the death toll from a train collision just east of the coastal city of Alexandria.

In the wake of that crash, an Egyptian court sentenced 14 railway employees to one year in prison for neglect.

Egypt has experienced other major train tragedies in the past, including a derailment which killed 19 people in Badr Rashin in Giza in 2013.

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