Amazon snags rights to Lucille Ball movie starring Cate Blanchett

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The production will now put an eye out on who should play Desi Arnaz, the real-life husband of Ball who played Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy, the Cuban band leader in that 1950s landmark television series.

According to Deadline, the Aaron Sorkin-scripted show has been acquired by Amazon Studios, and will be an authorized account of the stars' tumultuous relationship.

The Oscar victor signed on to play the "I Love Lucy" actress in a film penned by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin in September, 2015, and now, nearly two years on, the project is finally beginning to take shape. Generally speaking, casting a screen legend like Cate Blanchett as another one named Lucille Ball seems like a smart bet.

The project, which is being produced by Ball's children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr, has been commissioned by the streaming platform Amazon. What's more, the movie will center on Ball's life and her marriage to Arnaz.

Are you guys excited for Lucy and Desi?

Blanchett, meanwhile, has been nominated for six acting awards by the Academy, taking home the Oscar for best performance in 2004's "The Aviator" and 2013's "Blue Jasmine".

Because of the success of I Love Lucy, Ball was able to start her own production company, Desilu, making her one of, if not the most, powerful women in television. While no actor has been cast in the role of Desi Arnaz, Javier Bardem is reportedly among the A-listers in the running for the part. The Australian actress might not be known for her comedic roles, but as Ball said herself: "I'm not amusing".

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