Attorney General Sessions Slams Chicago over 'Sanctuary City' Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions And ICE Director Homan Speak On Sanctuary Policies In Miami

Attorney General Sessions Slams Chicago over 'Sanctuary City' Policies

Mr. Sessions' remarks came just over a week after Chicago sued the Justice Department for its plans to cut off federal grant money to sanctuary cities, which the attorney general and the president have described as havens for criminals.

Mr. Sessions will be joined by Tom Homan, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, at an event Wednesday afternoon in Miami.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez sought to straddle the contentious politics of immigration, saying on Fox News that he holds "different views" than the Trump administration, he agrees with a policy of detaining undocumented immigrants for federal authorities.

He later went on, "we can not continue to give tax money to cities that undermine active law enforcement", in reference to the federal government saying they will withhold federal grants for "sanctuary cities" if they do not comply with their immigration policies. "It means we're partners together in keeping everyone safe", said Sessions.

The Trump administration's policy on sanctuary cities includes requiring localities to give 48 hours' notice to federal immigration officials before releasing an illegal immigrant jailed for another crime.

"Unfortunately, some cities - like Chicago - refuse to follow your example", said Sessions. "In Chicago, their so-called "sanctuary" policies are one sad example", he said.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat, has been an outspoken critic of the administration's policy. "I have said it before and I will say it again, undocumented immigrants are not driving violence in Chicago and that's why I want our officers focused on community policing and not trying to be the immigration police", Johnson said. "At its root, it is a rejection of our immigration laws and a declaration of open borders", Sessions said". "This is lawlessness....they shelter and protect lethal gangs".

Sessions has made combatting sanctuary policies, particularly refusal to comply with detainers, a central issue of his tenure as attorney general. But in an August 4 letter, federal officials expressed satisfaction with the county's policy, which was enacted days into Mr. Trump's term and responded to the prospect of losing federal funding.

While Sessions called Miami-Dade a "good" example of a city in compliance, when compared to 2016 numbers, the county's police department has reported a 3 percent increase in violent crime, including 17 percent more homicides between January and early August.

The Fox hosts said Miami was set to get $500,000 in grants after changing its policy.

Several other local and state governments, including San Francisco and California, filed similar complaints this month, arguing that the administration's financial threat compromises public safety and violates the Constitution.

"Mayor Giménez believes it's fair and appropriate for the federal government to reimburse Miami-Dade County's corrections department for holding these individuals beyond the time that we can legally hold them", Mr. Hernandez said.

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