Bus Drivers Prepare for Back to School

Fire destroys school bus

Bus Drivers Prepare for Back to School

When approaching a school bus, drivers should be prepared to stop and be aware of stopped traffic.

Students in southwest Indiana will soon be heading back to school and Indiana State Police would like to remind everyone the importance of watching for students and for stopping for school buses while they are loading and/or unloading children. "We try to locate the vehicle based off of the school bus driver's description". In the past six years, law enforcement across the state wrote almost 9,000 stop-arm citations.

Tarry Schabel said he did not have a statement to make about the school districts' complaints.

Stop for stop arms and red, flashing lights - This means a child is actively getting on or off a bus. Just a couple weeks ago, he says, he ran into one of his old students.

Every year in the USA kids are injured and killed walking to and from the school bus where they're most vulnerable to distracted drivers.

In Indiana late July and early August brings hot weather, the State Fair and the start of a new school year. That's the positive thing. Russell says the school calendar is created to help ensure that students get all the classroom hours they are required to have if inclement weather shuts down schools.

Davenport says the district needs full time, part time, and substitute drivers.

To help keep the buses moving, the Dallas ISD board said Thursday that for the first time in years they will allow teachers to sign up to drive buses. Multi-lane roads with no barriers between the lanes, like some portions of SR 57S, all motorists must stop when the red lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended.

One recurring issue for bus drivers are vehicles that pass stopped buses.

Tillman said some drivers are unsure about whether they should stop on a four-lane roadway.

State law requires all vehicles to stop for school buses when the bus driver activates the flashing lights and has the crossing arm fully extended, and as of August 1, drivers who violate that law will face a larger fine when citations increase from $300 to $500. Previous year in Kentucky, three people died in bus accidents. "We're pretty obvious", said Merri Beechboard of Hayden Anderson Transit System, which operates the largest fleet of school buses in Madison County for Anderson Community Schools.

Students should remain 12 steps away from the bus, where the driver can see them.

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