Danilo Gallinari Injures Thumb After Punching Opponent's Face

Reports New Clippers Forward Fights in Friendly Game Injures Hand

NBC Sports Bay Area staffReports New Clippers forward fights in friendly game injures hand

While it isn't a great look for Gallo and the Clippers, who are already disliked by most of the league, you've got to admit, that was a pretty solid right hook that the Italian landed.

Sources say that Gallinari is on his way back to Los Angeles following the injury where he will be examined by Clippers team doctors and a LA based hand specialist.

The incident happened when the two players were lined up for a free throw.

Gallinari was captured on video throwing a punch and striking Netherlands power forward Jito Kok in the head.

He connected too. After all that, Gallinari had to be taken to the hospital for a potential hand injury.

Gallinari took a forearm to the face while being boxed out and he didn't take kindly to that. After all, Blake Griffin broke his hand punching an equipment manager.

Just weeks ago, the team signed Danilo Gallinari to a 3-year, $65 million deal.

However, most fans only read the "fracture" and "hand" part of that tweet and assumed that Gallinari had fractured his hand and would miss extended time.

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