Donald Trump's Pick Survives Alabama GOP Senate Primary

Alabama Senate Race Tests Trump Mc Connell Reach

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"Donald Trump is very popular in Alabama".

Still, the special election didn't gin up much excitement among voters, who Secretary of State John Merrill predicted would stay home in droves. Luther Strange has been unable to hold off surging challenger Roy Moore heading into Tuesday's Alabama Republican Senate primary election.

Since Gov. Kay Ivey called the special primary in April, a crowded field of candidates has stormed the state vying for voters' support.

Strange's allies, laser-focused on Brooks, have attempted to paint the congressman as anti-Trump and pro-Pelosi, despite Brooks' embrace of the president's agenda. He's made his animosity to unusual and McConnell well known, and McConnell's in play in this race, with his PAC dropping seven figures into the special primary.

Three candidates on the Republican side are far ahead of the rest of the pack, according to the most recent public polling available.

If no candidate wins a clear 50 percent of the vote in the primary this week, a runoff is set for September 26 with the special election itself for December 12.

A candidate needs 50% of the vote to take the seat, which most news outlets agree is unlikely to happen.

Two conservatives - Rep. Mo Brooks, a Tea Party darling, and former Judge Roy Moore, a favorite of evangelicals and a lightning rod for controversy - are mounting credible campaigns against unusual.

Moore and Brooks have also teamed up against unusual, who also has the backing of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to cast the incumbent - who only entered the Senate in February, being appointed by now former Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley - as a swamp creature.

Trump to Reporter'You're Fake News
Trump to Reporter'You're Fake News

But in a primary where turnout is forecast at 20% to 25%, predictions are unwise and questions are numerous.

In what seems now to be incongruous timing, they're having a right nice primary election down in Alabama on Tuesday.

"I certainly think our people in Alabama expect that to happen", unusual said. Moore's ads tend to focus on his own résumé, while Brooks has used his TV time (for the most part) to fend off odd and SLF's charges of disloyalty to Trump.

Not that Trump should be too disappointed with Brooks or Moore. The SLF's ads steered clear of Moore until last week when they began attacking him for taking a salary from his nonprofit, the Foundation for Moral Law.

Strange, Alabama's former attorney general, could pay for his ties to Robert Bentley, the former governor chased from office by scandal and threats of impeachment earlier this year. He recently announced endorsements from more than 50 religious leaders.

He added a caveat that 'we can only make America great again if we make America good, ' blasting things like divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage. In Decatur, he told supporters that his congressional district would turn out strongly and grant him an edge, outraged by the tone of Strange's campaign. He has also publicly requested that Trump to rescind his endorsement of unusual.

News 3 spoke with a few voters about their motivation to go to the polls.

"Troops need to be trained like they used to be trained: to fight wars", he told those assembled.

At his final campaign rally in Decatur, Alabama, Brooks told a small crowd at Fredrick's Outdoor - a tractor, mower and boat retailer and fix shop - that he needed huge turnout from the northern one-third of Alabama, which he has represented in Congress.

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