Elon Musk's OpenAI Beats The Best Players At Dota 2

Elon Musk's OpenAI Beats The Best Players At Dota 2

Elon Musk's OpenAI Beats The Best Players At Dota 2

In the 1v1 format, however, both players are assigned the same hero, Shadow Fiend, a popular offensive hero favored by numerous world's best central-role (known as mid lane) players.

Artificial Intelligence is now one topic, about which people are really divided and quite skeptical. OpenAI's self-trained bot made a surprise appearance at this year's International Dota 2 tournament held in Seattle and had a decisive victory.

It frequently displayed advanced tactics perfectly, blocking smaller units, luring Dendi into traps, and aggressively taking strategic position and using it to punish its human prey.

According to the OpenAI website, their bot has taken down SumaiL and Arteezy as well, the two Dota players best suited to facing off against a bot one on one. A second round ended similarly, with Dendi surrendering after a few minutes. Even for new players, playing against bots is generally only encouraged for those that have absolutely no MOBA experience. But it's important to note that the bot was playing Dendi in a one versus one match, a heavily stripped down version of the full, team-based game where many, numerous variables in play are removed.

Greg Brockman, Open AI co-founder and chief technology officer, explained the team's methods in a YouTube video posted Friday. "This bot can learn from scratch in about two weeks of real time", Brockman said. Earlier this year, an AI built by Microsoft beat every level of the Ms. Pac-Man game - something no human player has ever achieved.

"They're pretty terrible", one player said. OpenAI says it plans to continue developing its software so it can play full-scale matches.

Musk hailed the achievement on Twitter, saying that it was a significant advance over what AI had accomplished in more traditional games. In the future, it aims to develop a complete bot Dota 2 team.

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