Friday's Mega Millions jackpot raised from $382M to $393M

No Winners in Tuesday Night's Mega Millions Drawing

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An unclaimed Mega Millions ticket worth $1,000 sold in Kansas for the drawing on Tuesday, lottery officials said.

It's the first time US lottery players have a choice of games with jackpots topping $300 million, according to CNBC.

After no one won Wednesday night's Powerball, its jackpot rolled to $356 million for Saturday's game.

The drawing for the whopping jackpot will be held on Friday and would be the largest since July 8, 2016. Those prizes are based on annuity options, paid over 29 years. The cash option for that jackpot rings up at $238.3 million. The odds of winning the $50,000 prize are 1;913,130.

The winning numbers in Wednesday evening's drawing of the "Powerball" game were: 12-30-36-47-62, Powerball: 9, Power Play: 4 The estimated jackpot is $307 million.

The next Mega Millions drawing is Friday night and Powerball on Saturday night during the 11:00 pm news on CBS4, South Florida's new home for the Florida Lottery.

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot with a $2 ticket are 1-in-292,201,338. (1 quadrillion is a 1 followed by 15 zeros).

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