Govt asks Google, Facebook to remove links to Blue Whale Challenge

Govt orders against Blue Whale online game

Govt asks Google, Facebook to remove links to Blue Whale Challenge

The central government has asked major online players including Google, Facebook, WhatsApp to ensure they remove links that lead to or promote the game.

According to the letter issued by Ministry of Electronics and IT, it states that the incidents of committing suicide while playing The Blue Whale Game have been reported in India. His mother said her son had downloaded the game in November last, leading to his death.

"It is understood that an administrator of the game uses social media platforms to invite/incite children to play this game, which may eventually lead the child to take extreme steps for self-inflicting injuries, including suicide".

A PIL was has been moved in Delhi High Court seeking directions to internet companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo to take down the links of "Blue Whale", a challenge-based suicide game that has been allegedly linked to deaths of several children worldwide.

Meity said the proponent of the Blue Whale Challenge should be reported to the law enforcement agencies. He also reportedly went out alone in the night.

Also, a former Manipur minister's son died after falling from a terrace in Delhi and the Blue Whale game is suspected to have driven him to death.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights too had written to the Home Ministry asking for their immediate intervention and attention towards the Blue Whale Challenge. "Later, a relative found him sitting at the edge of the Thalassery pier and saved him in the nick of time", said the mother.

Manoj C Manu from Vilapilsala in Thiruvananthapuram committed suicide on July 26.

This morning, a police team visited the home of a Kerala teen after his family alleged that he killed himself because of the online Blue Whale Game.

The Blue Whale Challenge has reportedly claimed the lives of over 100 youngsters. His mother told a news channel that he hanged himself in May after playing the game for weeks.

As the well known "killer" also known as the blue whale game have claimed lives all across the globe, it has also claimed a hand some amount now in India too.

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