IOS 11 'Cop Button' Will Temporarily Disable Touch ID

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IOS 11 'Cop Button' Will Temporarily Disable Touch ID

Apple is adding an easy way to quickly disable Touch ID in iOS 11.

Legally speaking, police in the United States can make individuals unlock their iPhone via Touch ID, but can't compel them to use their password. Rather, it's the fact that it disables fingerprint scanning and requires the user's passcode for access. Users also have the option to simply completely turn it off and just use traditional numeric or alphanumeric passwords. Although by no means foolproof, the new feature is an added layer of security for the owner's data. The new method presented by the iOS 11 Emergency SOS feature is both quicker and more discreet.

Accessing the contents of an iPhone has been a huge issue in law enforcement and criminal investigations.

This new feature that Apple has built into iOS 11 offers a more discrete way of locking out an iPhone. Instead, the device's passcode will be the only way to unlock the handset. However, pressing the power button alone won't call up the emergency services but it gives an option to do so in the next menu. It's a technology Apple was expected to introduce with this phone, but the technological complexities of hiding a fingerprint scanner under the screen make its inclusion in this launch cycle unlikely.

Apple have said that iOS 11 will land some time this fall, they have not given a specific release date for the software as yet. It also will show the last app that you used on your tablet, on your iPhone and even on your Mac. The tech giant usually does this when the next iteration of the operating system, iOS 11, is around one month away from being released. Emergency contacts are set up Apple's in-built Health app.

The feature is actually part of a new Emergency SOS mode in iOS 11, which allows users to configure the phone to automatically call an emergency number.

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