Is Spotify finally coming to Xbox One?

One important piece had been missing though, with Xbox owners clamoring for Spotify to make an official app for Xbox One. Sources claim that the app is now being tested internally, and will be released soon. Now, The Verge's sources have confirmed that the app is being tested internally at Microsoft.

A certain eagle eyed Reddit user posted an image that shows Major Nelson - otherwise known as Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hyrb - using the app on Xbox One. Spotify has fast become for music what Netflix is for movies and TV- so it's good to see that it will soon be available for a broader audience, and not be exclusive much longer.

That meant that the Windows Store app was only available on Windows 10 PCs, and could not be installed on other Windows 10 devices, such as phones, HoloLens, or the Xbox One.

For over two years, the only way to use Spotify on game consoles was through PlayStation 3 and 4.

After the first leak, proof of launch plans on Xbox One was also found at the Microsoft retail partner training portal, so official announcement a matter of time. Microsoft still operates Groove Music, which began life as Xbox Music in 2012, but Spotify has the clear advantage in terms of subscriber reach. Though Groove Music probably won't be leaving the Xbox ecosystem anytime soon, it would appear that Microsoft has made a decision to open up the platform and allow competitors like Spotify to come on board.

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