Lawyer: Aide heard Swift say she had been groped

Lawyer: Aide heard Swift say she had been groped

Lawyer: Aide heard Swift say she had been groped

Mueller denied any wrongdoing and promptly sued Swift for slander after the event, claiming that he was sacked from his job at KYGO radio after her team informed his bosses of the event.

One of the assistants said Swift told them shortly after the photo with Mueller was taken: "Dude, that guy just grabbed my ass".

Followers of the idol singer #Taylor Swift were pretty much caught off guard by the nature of her return to public attention after some time out of the limelight.

She is "not trying to bankrupt this man", Swift's attorney said. Kuta said she remembered the 2013 concert where Mueller met Swift; she'd written lyrics down her arm and dressed as a star, a play on the title of one of Swift's songs, "Starlight".

Immediately after the meet-and-greet, Swift says she confirmed the assault with a photographer and security staffer, who then confronted Mueller. "I felt what seemed to be a rib cage or ribs", he said during the first day of testimony.

A member of Swift's staff called Mueller's boss at a country music radio station and asked that the station "take appropriate action". Both Kuta and Jarecke said they were there to support Swift; they wanted to "see somebody with the platform that she has to speak out about an issue that's been going on for long", said Jarecke, while Kuta echoed how important it was to her and her friends to stand up against non-consensual contact.

Wednesday's court proceedings were delayed by a closed evidentiary hearing that lasted almost two hours.

Taylor Swift had her hair in a bun and wore a conservative black dress with tights.

And although KYGO fired him when there were only five months left on his two-year contract, valued at about $320,000, his lawsuit suggests his compensation for the wages he lost should be $3 million.

Ms Swift, who was 23 at the time of the incident, is suing Mr Mueller for the symbolic amount of $1.

U.S. District Judge William Martinez ordered jurors, spectators and the news media to leave his courtroom Wednesday so Swift's attorneys and lawyers for plaintiff David Mueller could discuss undisclosed evidentiary matters.

Mueller does not have a job in radio because he told 37 people about the accusations and because he hasn't applied for that many jobs, Baldridge said.

According to Baldridge, Mueller destroyed five laptops or cell phones that may have contained recorded evidence of his meeting with KYGO executives, possibly including other references to the DJ's behaviour that the radio station was not happy with. In turn, Taylor has fired back by suing her plaintiff for assault on the date in question.

"Is that enough to clear your name?" he asked Mueller rhetorically.

Swift has sued radio host David Mueller, accusing him of inappropriately touching her before a 2013 concert in Denver.

He said Swift had been part of thousands of meet-and-greets, but had never had an incident like what happened with Mueller.

Swift plans on donating any money awarded to her to "charitable organizations dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard".

Swift, her mother and Bell are expected to testify.

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