LG V30 will integrate A Full Vision OLED Display

Instead, the company slowly releases info on the devices' key features in the weeks ahead of the launch, and this is exactly how it's treating the upcoming V30 flagship.

OLED panels, which are commonly used in curved televisions, allows the device's display to also be slightly curved. It's really a nice combo of the G6 and the Galaxy S8's more prominent curved edges.

Coming to the design aspect (analyzing the leaked images), one thing to notice here is, the company has really cut down the top and bottom bezels and are comparatively smaller than what we have in G6.

The LG V30 is set to be announced on August 31, a day before the IFA 2017 kicks off.

Speaking on the announcement, Juno Cho further said: "Expertise in OLED has long been a core competency of LG, and the technology has always been seen as a potential value-add for smartphones". In addition, the display will support a wide color gamut with 148 percent of the sRGB color space for digital images and 109 percent of the DCI-P3 color space for digital cinema.

"The V30 is ditching the secondary screen to secure maximum space for the full-vision display", a source said on condition of anonymity.

The LG V30's screen will be a 6-inch display with very small bezels compared to its predecessor.

There is not a lot that is known about LG's unreleased V30 handset, the single-screen successor the dual-display V20 that we reviewed a year ago. The new LG V30 is right around the corner and it sticks true to that formula, but this time around the focus will not be only on photography, but also on video, according to a report by Android Authority.

LG V30 is slated to go on pre-order on September 17 and is expected to hit stores in United States on September 28.

In a bid to make the smartphone VR-ready, LG's V30 smartphone will be the company's first smartphone to adopt OLED since the G Flex 2 in 2015. LG touts that its OLED display will offer better image quality through flawless black and and more accurate colors, and that the faster operational response time will make the display better for VR.

The LG V Series of phones are getting quite popular in the United States as well. Glass has reportedly been replaced by plastic for the substrate.

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