Merkel reaffirms European Union pledge for Turkey

Influx More than a million people from across Asia Africa Europe and the Middle East entered Germany two years ago after Mrs Merkel opened her country's doors to Syrian refugees

Merkel reaffirms European Union pledge for Turkey

Merkel and the European Union have already sealed a migrants deal with Turkey to stem the flow from the Middle East and her spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said the Egypt deal would "fight illegal immigration and the criminal smuggling of people".

'Those kinds of extraordinary situations happen every once in a while in a country's history.

"At that time, Germany had acted in a very hard and humane manner", she added.

Merkel, seeing a fourth term, has had to contend with loud and sustained heckling from demonstrators strongly opposed to her refugee policies so far on the campaign trail.

"In spite of that, it is necessary to continue negotiations on the possibility of a [political] transition that would facilitate reconciliation", Merkel stated.

Europe, not just Germany, has paid a heavy price for Merkel's insistence on the open borders for millions of migrants.Germany and other European countries have been battling with a migrant crime wave.

A leading candidate for the party, Alexander Gauland, drew fire this week after he insulted Merkel's integration minister, Aydan Ozoguz, over an op-ed she wrote questioning the nature of German culture.

"It will take time and patience but we will succeed".

A day after discussing the continuing influx of migrants with leaders from Africa and other European countries, Merkel tackled head-on an issue that once looked as if it would be a liability for her in Germany's September 24 election. Alternative for Germany (AfD), the only party challenging Merkel's disastrous European Union and Migrant Policies, is pegged below 10-percent in most opinion polls.

"If they choose to govern together and the Germans want to pay more taxes to send to the south, that's up to them", Redwood said.

Ms Merkel, who has avoided mentioning Mr Schulz by name during campaign appearances, acknowledged her opponent during the ZDF interview.

"She is using the infrastructure of the state to fly to her campaign events at a bargain price", Schulz said.

In Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the chancellor - whose conservative bloc holds a lead of some 15 percentage points over the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) - left no doubt that this would not happen as long as she is CDU party chief.

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