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Microsoft launches Surface Plus upgrade plan

Microsoft Announces Surface Plus For Business Program

As a result, Microsoft is looking to entice buyers that would have otherwise passed on Surface hardware with the new Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business financing programs.

The plan encompasses every model of Surface, including the Surface Pro tablet/laptop hybrid, the Surface Studio PC, the Surface Book high-end laptop, and the new student-focused Surface Laptop. After 18 months, you can upgrade to the latest Surface device, as long as you turn in your existing gadget and agree to a new 24-month payment plan for the new one.

Surface Plus is available exclusively for customers in the U.S. at Microsoft's brick-and-mortar stores and online.

Surface Plus is the companies new service that can help an eligible student finance the purchase of a new Surface device along with several additional benefits.

Device upgrades: Customers can upgrade to the latest Surface after just 18 months.

The two plans, Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business, are available at or at Microsoft stores in the US.

With school starting soon, there's never been a better time for students to find the best Surface that's right for them.

In both cases, at the end of the 24 months, you end up paying for the machine at a zero-percent rate.

The program also comes with device services and support through Microsoft's retail locations and a year of free in-store technical assistance. The number of devices under the agreement can also change during the middle of the term as well, the post said.

The financing options for business, termed Microsoft Surface Plus for Business, have higher prices, as you might expect: Surface Pro 2017 runs $53 per month for 24 months (m3, 4 GB, 128 GB); Surface Studio is $146/month; Surface Book with Performance Base $115/month; and the yuge Surface Hub runs $408 per month. Like the new Surface Laptop, the new Surface Pen was advertised as being available in multiple colors, in this case, Platinum, Burgundy, Black, and Cobalt Blue. Subject to credit approval, regular consumers looking into Surface Plus will be able to purchase Surface hardware on a 24-month plan with 0 percent April.

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