Microsoft Xbox One now supports Arabic

Gamers coming together is important to Xbox vice president

Gamers coming together is important to Xbox vice president

So from now on, your only option is the Xbox One S or forthcoming Xbox One X.

The apparent decision to pull the original model comes nearly a year after Microsoft introduced the Xbox One S, a slimmer version of the console with slightly more processing power and a built-in 4K Blu-Ray Player.

On its Dutch website, Microsoft now redirects potential Xbox One customers to selected retailers, while Microsoft UK has listed the original Xbox One as "out of stock".

Pre-orders for the Project Scorpio Edition are now virtually sold out.

If you're one of those gamers who is looking for a new console, you have only a couple of options either to wait for the Xbox One X or go with the Xbox One S, which is largely similar to Xbox One.

Although it's leaving behind the original Xbox One, we can be sure that a new phase of this device is coming soon. If you take a look at the Microsoft Store, you'll be able to find refurbished Xbox One consoles, but no new models.

It seems Microsoft's upcoming flagship console is well on its way to besting all previous consoles released by the company.

Microsoft talked about the possibility of cross-play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 back in June past year, at which time Sony wasn't very considerate. As you recall, Microsoft extended the trademark last May, so there was a possibility that the name will be used in the future.

If you wanted an Xbox, you would have two options. The Xbox One X hits stores November 7. The smaller console was widely accepted and praised over the original.

Minecraft is also a game which has received an update, called "Better Together" so that it can connect players across all platforms.

During a meeting with DualShockers, Greenberg said that such titles will have a lasting and beneficial impact for Xbox One. It thus makes no sense for the original Xbox to still be in production or sale.

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