Microsoft's Mixed Reality Headsets Will be Compatible With Steam VR

Microsoft's Mixed Reality Headsets Will be Compatible With Steam VR

Microsoft's Mixed Reality Headsets Will be Compatible With Steam VR

If you want to grab a Windows Mixed Reality headset for yourself, check out the Microsoft Store or your local Best Buy later this year.

Asus plans to make its Windows Mixed Reality headset available later this year, priced at 449 euros. And all of these headsets are supposed to be affordable.

After emptying the 2017 smartphone tank all at once a couple of weeks ago, Asus unsurprisingly brought just a large collection of Windows 10 laptops and the company's own long overdue Microsoft-powered mixed reality headset to IFA Berlin today. Currently, Steam is focused on consolidating its positions as a one-stop shop where e-sports fans can find top-tier content compatible with any major PC-based headset. More information on those efforts can be found on Microsoft's Windows blog. The tech pioneer and 343 Industries have revealed that they're working on Halo mixed reality experiences. "We are on a mission to help empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, and one of the ways we are doing that is through the power of mixed reality".

The ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset is built upon Microsoft technology to bring immersive real-world and virtual experiences to users, letting them view the environment in completely new ways and explore exciting new worlds that stretch the imagination.

That means there's no need to set up external cameras near the computer, which typically forces users to play only in that one room. Along with our partners, we are committed to making mixed reality affordable.

A series of content partners will be creating experiences for their mixed reality platform. We can't speak to the final quality of the headsets themselves, though, so we don't know if they offer a comparable experience yet. This holiday, customers can choose the PC that's right for them - Windows Mixed Reality PCs and Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs. Developers may have to retroactively add Windows VR support for each game, so be aware that these new headsets may not work with all VR games straight out of the box. When plugged into these devices, our immersive headsets will run at 60 frames per second. Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs, on the other hand, will contain discrete graphics-a separate graphical subsystem, typically in the form of a GPU (graphics processing unit) card-that can pump visuals at a rate of 90 frames per second.

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