Nasa needs someone to protect Earth from aliens


Catharine"Cassie A. Conley NASA's sole planetary protection officer. Paul E. Alers NASA

According to NASA, the Planetary Protection Officer will help prevent Earth from becoming contaminated with organic or biological material from space missions.

Also, the ideal candidate would be willing to travel a lot - maybe even to a moon of Jupiter, where you could die along the way.

Additionally, they would need a solid record in "space programs of national significance" and a degree of diplomatic savvy "that resulted in win-win solutions during extremely hard and complex multilateral discussions". Think instead of this job as being meant to prevent contamination that goes both directions: from outer space to Earth and from Earth into other planetary regions.

NASA has opened applications for USA citizens and U.S. nationals till August 14, 2017. Well now NASA is looking for just that - and it'll pay a six-figure salary for the honor. The post is for an initial period of three years, though may be extended for an additional two. As we reported yesterday the Chinese National Space Agency looks set to overtake NASA for the number of successful launches to space this year.

Missions that NASA send to outer space, one of the highlights of these being the ones to Planet Mars, owing to the similarities with Earth, carry with them an active chance of contamination once those samples hit earthbound labs.

NASA's current Planetary Protection Officer is Catharine Conley, who has held the position since 2014. After all, protecting the planet is sure to present challenges.

This will be especially poignant when astronauts and technology come into contact with planets and moons or any other alien matter. The ideal candidate also must have an advanced degree in physical science, engineering, or mathematics.

A candidate must be a top-level civilian government employee with a minimum of one year experience. NASA is now looking for the planetary protection officer who is responsible for the leadership of the NASA planetary protection capability. The last date to do apply is listed as Aug.14 2017.

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