Nepal: 200 Indian tourists stranded in Chitwal because of floods and landslides

A girl carrying dishes walks along a flooded area in Janakpur Nepal

A girl carrying dishes walks along a flooded area in Janakpur Nepal

Issuing a statement following an emergency meeting on Sunday, the human rights watchdog appealed the Nepal government, security agencies, national and worldwide organizations to expedite the rescue and relief operation in flood and landslide affected settlements.

Almost 600 tourists, including 200 Indians, have been stranded in central Nepal's popular tourist district Chitwan due to flooding triggered by heavy rains that have claimed 49 lives, officials said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has been asked to manage health workers with medicines in flood and landslide affected areas. Emergency teams have also evacuated thousands of people across the country.

The District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee has distributed dry foods to victims in the flood-hit areas.

The death toll was expected to go up, with around two dozen other people missing and feared dead after three days of heavy downpours in at least nine southern districts of the Himalayan country, said police spokesman Pushkar Karki.

However, the Indian embassy said the flood has affected both countries, adding that it is constant contact with authorities in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

"We have more than 30 people confirmed dead".

Army and police personnel continued search and rescue operations, with more than 34,000 houses submerged, the official added. Many roads are submerged or covered by debris from landslides, providing further challenges to rescue efforts.

Nepal's National News Agency reported Sunday that 600 tourists, including 400 foreigners, are trapped in the town of Sauraha in southwestern Nepal.

Almost 100 people died previous year in Nepal during the rainy season, which typically begins in late June and lasts until the end of August. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba ordered district administrations to intensify rescue operations.

The monsoon season causes floods in Nepal nearly every year.

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